About Us

Twasa Training was formed by the merger of Mthwakazi Recruitment and Keagan G Training Solutions. Twasa Training is a 100% black-owned (40% Female Empowered)  and managed company based in Johannesburg with a Level 1 BEE Rating. Since 2009 we have been offering SETA Accredited Training across a wide range of  industries and professions.

Our name, Twasa Training and our shield icon are not coincidental, they signify who we are and what we stand for.  Twasa, is derived from the Nguni term uku-thwasa. When a new moon comes up, signifying a new cycle, a re-birth, it is called ‘ukuthwasa kwenyanga’. Similarly the spring, which symbolises the birth of new life after a harsh, dry winter is called intwasa.  With spring, comes a new hope, a new beginning, a promise of a fresh harvest after the summer. At Twasa Training, we believe in innovative solutions which empower your people. Fresh knowledge is like the onset of spring, sprouting new flowers and foliage and bringing out different colours and diversity from an otherwise dry and barren landscape. Our shield symbolises protection and defence.  When you invest in the up-skilling of your people, you are building the best defence for a sustainable business.

We have an entrepreneurial drive to ensure we meet our clients’ needs and add value to their business. Twasa Training is a customer-centric company, providing operational efficiencies by steering away from unnecessary ‘red-tape’ and focusing on providing a solution that suits your training requirements, allowing you to focus on your core activities. Our goal is to provide a “One Stop” service for your SETA Accredited Leadership and Soft Skills Training and Workshops within and external to South Africa such as having facilitated training in Kenya.

Forging Partnerships

Twasa Training is a SETA Accredited Training Provider with TETA SETA and Service SETA. Our training interventions are both practical and NQF-aligned, allowing your employees to accumulate SETA credits and apply the new skills learnt to become more productive employees that will assist your organisation to meet its objectives.

Our Vision:

To be our client’s best supplier of Training Solutions by tailor-making solutions that are beneficial and aligned to the attainment of their business goals.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide effective Training to our clients employees – ensuring high productivity in performing their day-to-day activities in the workplace.

Our Values:

Twasa Training seeks to build sustainable mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients as our success is dependent on us making their business more successful. Integrity, honesty and service excellence are key fundamentals that we subscribe to.

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