External Sales Workshop, 1 Day


Sales is the generation of new business for an organisation. External sales can be intimidating as you are selling face-to-face and this makes one more vulnerable. The format of this External Sales Workshop will be classroom training at the client’s premises. Learner Guides and activities such as role-plays will be conducted.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:

  • Planning your sales route & prospecting
  • Understanding the market / demographics you are selling into
  • Questioning and listening to uncover customer needs
  • Active listening skills
  • Features versus benefits
  • Handling concerns and objections
  • Gaining commitment and identifying buying signals
  • Closing the sale
  • After sales management (ensuring a happy customer)
  • Asking for referrals from customer
  • Handing customer over to account management department/s

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