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Customer Service – 114974, LEVEL 2, 2 CREDITS: 2 DAYS


Customer Service Training is important to all employees in the workplace as this is a ‘Soft skill’ that ensures good relations are fostered and improved with internal customers inside the organisation and external customers to the organisation.

The content to be covered includes:

Explain customer service in a financial services environment

  • The concept of good customer service is explained with reference to a business sector and an organisation’s competitive edge
  • Different types of customer are identified within a specific organisation
  • The consequences of poor service are identified with reference to the customer, the employee and the organisation
  • The procedure for escalating queries is explained with reference to own limit of authority

Engage in an interaction with a customer

  • An interaction with a customer is opened with reference to an organisation’s internal standards
  • Information is requested to clarify the need
  • The customer’s needs are identified and reflected back to the customer to confirm understanding
  • Non-verbal communication clues are used to determine an approach to the interaction
  • An interaction is closed with reference to an organisation’s internal standards

Demonstrate communication skills in order to respond to a customer need

  • Active listening skills are demonstrated in three different customer service interactions
  • Keywords are identified in a customer dialogue and used to formulate an appropriate response
  • The main details of the customer’s needs, request, query or complaint are recorded and the entry is checked for accuracy with the customer

Process a query in order to respond to a customer need

  • Information about the customer and the need is used to formulate an appropriate response
  • The response is communicated to the customer using appropriate language
  • Inquiries outside own level of authority are escalated to the appropriate party
  • An agreement on follow up actions is reached with the customer
  • Feedback on the progress of a query is given to the customer.

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