Performance Management Workshop

Performance Management Workshop, 3 Days

Performance Management in the workplace will help managers / supervisors to manage the performance of their staff so as to improve it to levels that are deemed optimum so as meet the objectives of the organization. The format of this Training above will be classroom training that will incorporate Role-plays, Break-away sessions, Presentations, Demonstrations, Questionnaires, Discussion activities and Case studies.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:
Develop a performance management programme for a business unit.

  • The business plan of an organisation is analysed to establish the organisation’s goals and objectives.
  • The performance targets of the business unit are aligned to the business plan to create a business unit’s own business plan.
  • The functions of the business unit members are analysed in order to create a performance agreement document that aligns a business unit’s business plan in terms of business unit targets and required standards of performance.
  • The criteria against which an organisation measures a business unit’s performance are identified for a specific organisation and incorporated into the performance agreement.

Investigate different performance management systems.

  • Three different performance management systems are compared in terms of
    their underlying principles and how they measure performance.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of a selected performance management model is analysed and an indication is given of possible challenges in implementing the system within a specific organisation.
  • A performance management system is selected for a specific organisation and reasons are given to support the selection.

Monitor performance in terms of a performance agreement.

  • The performance of two members of a business unit is observed and recorded in terms of the performance management agreement.
  • Individual feedback is given to two members of a business unit based on evidence gathered during the observation process.
  • Observed performance is measured against a performance agreement and discussed in a performance review interview.
  • A plan for corrective action is developed to address poor performance.
  • A development plan for two members of a business unit is created to address below standard performance, reinforce positive performance and match the individual’s career aspirations with the business plan.
  • Personal career aspirations are discussed with two members of a business unit.
  • A training programme is proposed that will empower employees in the business unit to meet the knowledge and skill requirements implied by the business strategy.

Investigate ways of addressing under-performance issues.

  • Two theories or models that explain under-performance are investigated and applied and used to explain possible reasons for under-performance in a
    business unit.
  • Possible proposals for rewards and incentives for improved performance are suggested within the parameters of an organisation’s human resource policies.
  • An organisation’s people management
    policies are analysed and appropriate measures or sanctions are recommended for two case studies of underperformance.

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