SETA Accredited & Level 1 BEE

project managementTwasa prides itself in qualifying for Full Accreditation with the SETAs (Services SETA & TETA) and being a Level 1 BEE Rated company. So what’s the benefit of the above to you, you might ask?

Being SETA Accredited means Twasa as an organisation works within a QMS (Quality Management System) designed by us and approved by the SETAs to ensure our processes will deliver quality training. It also means our training material has been checked and approved by the SETAs to contain content that is aligned, correct and relevant to the topic being trained.

Visit the links below to view our accredidations

Services SETA – Accreditation
TETA – Accreditation
CESA – Accreditation

Our Level 1 BEE Rating means that the money our clients invest by paying for our quality trainings will be calculated as 135% spend towards their  BEE Scorecard by their BEE Rating Agency, thereby contributing towards improving our clients’ BEE Level towards a Level 1.


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