Time Management Tips to help you manage your time effectively and get more done in a day.

Effective time management skills affect the quality of our lives if our time is management effectively. We will give you some time management tips in this article.

We have only so much time in each day. That is not going to change so we are going to have to accept it. You have to identify the things in life that truly matter to you – this is where you should spend your time. Everything else is just a waste of time. It is important to point out at this stage that making the changes necessary to manage your time effectively can mean making some fundamental changes in your lifestyle. However, there is no need to rush; you can make the necessary changes at your own pace. Time is limited to 24 hours a day and this time cannot be increased or decreased, however, it can be managed effectively. Knowing yourself is the essential first step on the road to effective time management. In modern society there are so many distractions that can easily make us lose our focus on what we really want in our lives. Effective time management skills can be taught and we will highlight a few tips that can be used to manage your time effectively. The following are signs that you need time management: Procrastination, Tardiness, Stress and Fatigue, Lack of Concentration & Lack of Preparation amongst other signs. Time wasters are the things that can waste the little time we have and these include: Internet Browsing, Being Tired, Lack of Skill, Lack of or poor planning, ProcrastinationEffective time management, Not delegating, Interruptions, Talking too long on the phone and Failing to say no to unrelated tasks. Tips to effective time management include: Delegation, applying the Pareto Principle (80/20), Prioritisation, Urgency vs Importance, etc., To help you with skills, please contact Twasa (Pty) Ltd by clicking here and leaving your details for a consultant to call you and arrange training at your company: http://twasa.co.za/contact-us/.


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