Twasa Corporate Training: SETA Accredited Training Provider

Twasa Corporate Training is a SETA Accredited & Level 1 BEE Rated leading Corporate Training provider of leadership, soft skills, and computer skills training for businesses in South Africa and the rest of Africa that has been operational since 2009. Led by Dr. Michael Nyoni PhD, our team of experienced trainers have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, and are equipped to deliver customized training solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you're looking to improve your employees' leadership skills, develop their interpersonal and communication skills, or upskill them in the latest computer technologies, we have a training program to meet your needs.

At Twasa Corporate Training, we believe that learning should be an enjoyable and engaging experience. That's why we use innovative and interactive training methods that keep our participants engaged and motivated to learn. Our training programs are designed to be practical and relevant to the real-world challenges faced by your employees, ensuring that they can immediately apply what they have learned to their daily work. We are committed to providing high-quality training services that are accessible and affordable. Our training programs are designed to be cost-effective, so you can invest in your employees' professional development without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking to improve the skills of your employees, drive business growth, or build a culture of continuous learning and development, Twasa Corporate Training can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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About Us

Twasa Corporate Training is a 100% black-owned (40% woman-empowered) and managed company based in Johannesburg with a Level 1 BB-BEE rating.

We build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with our corporate clients as our success is dependent on us making their business more successful. We are focused on providing a relevant solution to your needs, without the unnecessary ‘red-tape’.

Our name, Twasa Corporate Training and our shield icon are not coincidental, they signify who we are and what we stand for.  Twasa, is derived from the Nguni term uku-thwasa. When a new moon comes up, signifying a new cycle, a re-birth, it is called ‘ukuthwasa kwenyanga’. Similarly the spring, which symbolises ...

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SETA Accredited Training

Leverage better organizational performance and ensure a skilled workforce through investing in training your people.

Twasa Training is a SETA Accredited Training Provider accredited by the Services SETA (4101) and TETA SETA (TETA12-269). We provide corporate across on-site at clients’ premises thereby making it easier for all employees to attend. Unit Standard-aligned Qualifications and short training courses as per National Qualifications Framework.

All our training courses are of the highest standards and our facilitators are subject matter experts. We offer In-house Corporate Training Programmes for corporates and groups.

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Accredited & Level 1 BEE

Twasa Corporate Training prides itself in qualifying for Accreditation with the SETAs and being a Level 1 BEE Rated company.

To view our accreditation certificate please click the links below

Services SETA - Accreditation

TETA - Accreditation

QCTO Accreditation (Business Administration Qualification)

QCTO Accreditation (Project Management Qualification)

So what’s the benefit of the above to you?

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