Twasa Corporate Training provides on-site corporate training all over South Africa and within the African continent . Twasa Training is a 100% black-owned (40% Female Empowered)  and managed company based in Johannesburg with a Level 1 BEE Rating. Since 2009 we have been offering SETA Accredited Corporate Training Courses (Services SETA and TETA) across a wide range of  corporates, industries and professions.

The company’s training programs are designed to improve the performance of employees and teams, increase productivity, and enhance the overall success of your organization. Twasa Corporate Training uses a variety of training methods, including interactive workshops, online training, and eLearning. Twasa Corporate Training has a team of experienced trainers, assessors and moderators who are experts in their field. They are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in delivering training programs to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Overall, Twasa Corporate Training is a reputable and highly-regarded training and development provider, with a proven track record of helping businesses and organizations achieve their goals through effective training and development programs.

Our name, Twasa Corporate Training and our shield icon are not coincidental, they signify who we are and what we stand for.  Twasa, is derived from the Nguni term uku-thwasa. When a new moon comes up, signifying a new cycle, a re-birth, it is called ‘ukuthwasa kwenyanga’. Similarly the spring, which symbolises the birth of new life after a harsh, dry winter is called intwasa.  With spring, comes a new hope, a new beginning, a promise of a fresh harvest after the summer. At Twasa Corporate Training, we believe in innovative solutions which empower your people. Our shield symbolises protection and defence.  When you invest in the up-skilling of your employees, you are building the best defence for a sustainable business.

Forging Partnerships

Our accredited corporate training interventions are both practical and NQF-aligned, allowing your employees to accumulate SETA credits and apply the new skills learnt to become more productive employees that will assist your organisation to meet its objectives. With the need for flexibility, Twasa Corporate Training provides Blended Training by providing pre-assessments, classroom training, post-assessments and Free eLearning to clients as a value-add to re-enforce the learning received whilst in class. eLearning is also available on its own at a cost if classroom training is not available.

Our Vision:

To be our corporate client’s best supplier of Corporate Training Solutions by tailor-making solutions that are beneficial and aligned to the attainment of their business goals.

Our Mission Statement:

Provision of effective corporate training to our clients’ employees – ensuring high productivity in performing their day-to-day activities in the workplace and developmental training for the future as part of succession planning, etc.

Our Values:

Twasa Corporate Training seeks to build sustainable mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients as our success is dependent on us making their business more successful. Integrity, honesty and service excellence are key fundamentals that we subscribe to.

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