SAQA ID: 252037, Level 5, 6 Credits, 2 Days


Effective teams ensure that an organization achieves its goals or strategy and this course will focus on how to build effective teams. The format of this Leadership Accredited Training will be classroom based training at the client’s premises.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:

Demonstrate knowledge of and insight into the theory of teams and the importance of teams in workplace activities.

  • The characteristics of a team and team interaction are compared with those of a group.
  • An action plan is developed for improving the effectiveness of the team.
  • Different types of teams are described in terms of their unique roles and characteristics.
  • The importance of teams for achieving workplace goals and objectives is motivated with examples of the contributions of teams.

Apply the theory of teams to team dynamics.

  • The dynamics of teams are explained in terms of practical examples.
  • The reasons for disagreements and conflict that could disrupt the functioning of the team are analysed with reference to interpersonal and other factors.
  • Unique challenges presented by different types of teams are identified with specific reference to cross-functional and virtual teams.

Explain the process of building teams.

  • The process of building a team is explained with reference to the steps in the process.
  • Stages of team development are analysed in terms of the human behaviour that drives the different stages.
    Analyse the role of team leader in promoting team effectiveness.
  • The role of the team leader is explained in relation to improving team effectiveness.
  • The impact of different leadership styles is considered in relation to the leader’s role in promoting team effectiveness.
  • performance teams.
  • Techniques for the constructive management of team dynamics and conflict are described with specific reference to promoting trust, cohesion, creativity and productivity.

Evaluate the effectiveness of a team and propose ways to improve team effectiveness.

  • The functioning of a team is evaluated against the characteristic of high performance teams.
  • An action plan is developed for improving the effectiveness of the team

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