Manage Business Operations Training, SAQA 119688, Level 2, 8 Credits, 2 Days


Manage Business Operations will teach you the fundamentals of ensuring that your business, department or division is well run so as to meet the goals set. The format of this Training above will be classroom training at the client’s premises.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:

Implement an action plan for business operations.

  • An action plan for the managing of business operations is drawn up according to goals set in business plan.
  • Business concepts are ideas outlined in business plan are integrated into action plan and a task list compiled accordingly.
  • Legal issues, safety regulations and risk factors are considered in the compilation of action plan.
  • Roles and responsibilities pertaining to action plan are explained and assigned in order to effectively execute business activities.

Mobilise resources for a new venture.

  • Available resources for new venture are identified in relation to business context.
  • The cost of resources are analysed and prioritised accordingly.
  • The resources identified are evaluated according to suitable contribution to effective business performance.
  • Advice is sought and used to supplement competences where relevant.

Manage own time productively.

  • The purpose and process for scheduling activities in own business is identified and explained with examples.
  • Business activities are organised and scheduled with timeframes.
  • Own time management preferences are identified and work scheduled accordingly.
  • Interruptions are accounted for and built into schedule to ensure that productivity levels are effectively measured.
  • Schedule is monitored and managed daily.
  • Private and business time is balanced to ensure overall personal productivity.
  • Basic quality procedures are drawn up and monitored for own venture.

Monitor productivity in a business venture.

  • Basic concepts of productivity is explained with examples.
  • Appropriate productivity concepts and principles are applied to own venture.
  • The productivity of new venture is monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Measures are taken to ensure continuous improvement of productivity.

Implement and manage a basic quality system in a new venture.

  • Basic quality concepts, systems and principles are explained with examples.
  • The consequences and risks associated with non- compliance to quality procedures are explained with examples.
  • The quality requirements of new venture
    are identified and explained according to quality principles and compliance requirements and value for own business.

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