NC: Contact Centre Support Qualification, SAQA ID: 71490, Level 2, 128 Credits , 24 Contact Days over 12 months


The National Certificate in Contact Centre Support is designed to meet the needs of those learners who enter the field of Contact Centres. This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry level service within the Contact Centre Industry and produce skilled people who are able to contribute to improved productivity and efficiency within the Contact Centre industry. The qualification is structured in such a way that it exposes individuals to a set of core competences to give a broad understanding of Contact Centre support operations. Contact Centres have become key business tools – integral to the way organisations achieve their business objectives. All Contact Centres are currently recruiting, training and performance managing agents.

On completion of this Qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Identify Contact Centre customers and their needs.
  • Respond to customers with factual and accurate information
  • Gather and process data specifically related to Contact Centres
  • Operate as a team member in a diverse working environment
  • Perform to the required standards and requirements
  • Implement and articulate operational activities in a Contact Centre

Compulsory Modules to be covered excluding Fundamentals & Electives:

  • Recording Information
  • Diversity Management
  • Respond to customer needs
  • Input data onto a computer
  • Meet performance standards
  • Provide information
  • Problem solving skills
  • Handle complaints
  • Organisational Culture
  • Work as a Team

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