NC: Management Qualification, SAQA ID: 83946, Level 3, 120 Credits , 24 Contact Days over 12 months


The National Certificate in Management: Level 3 is intended for personnel already employed and learners who intend to follow a career in management. This Qualification is designed to meet the needs of learners who require junior management skills in all sectors of the economy. It is intended for junior managers of business units in small to large organisations. Junior management positions in organizations include, but are not limited to team leaders, supervisors, first line managers and section heads. This Qualification should assist junior managers to contribute to improved productivity and efficiency within the business environment. The qualification at this level is generic so as to allow maximum mobility between industries. Skills, knowledge, values and attitudes reflected in the qualification are building blocks that will be developed further at NQF level 4.

On completion of this Qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Co-ordinate with others.
  • Making significant choices from a wide range of procedures. .
  • Making comparisons.
  • Maintaining records.
  • Carrying out simple research and tasks.
  • Interpreting current affairs related to a specific business sector.
  • Performing junior management functions.
  • Recognising the effect of HIV/AIDS on the specific workplace, business sub-sector and own organisation.
  • Applying knowledge of self and team to enhance team performance.
  • Managing time and the work process.
  • Explaining the structure of an organisation.
  • Conducting a formal meeting.
  • Inducting a new member of a team.
  • Motivating a team.
  • Describing the management function of an organisation

Compulsory Modules to be covered excluding Fundamentals & Electives:

  • Team Performance
  • Conduct a formal Meeting
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Team Manager responsibilities
  • Leadership
  • Inducting of a new member
  • Interpret current affairs
  • Organisational Structure
  • Time Management
  • Management Functions
  • Team Motivation

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