Computer Skills Training Programs


Computer Skills Training is a necessity in this day and age when everything around us is going digital. Employees will have different levels of competency around the use of computers from those who still need to understand the basics such as what a mouse is, left click vs right click functions. Then there are those who have the basics of capturing data onto an Excel spreadsheet or typing up a notice on MS Word but requiring the skills to do formulas on MS Excel, be it at a Basic Level or Intermediate Level. Finally there are those employees seeking Advanced Level skills such as merging documents or VLOOKUP functions. Whatever the level of your current skills, Twasa Training will be able to improve your Computer Skills or do a re-fresher if you have forgotten some of the skills. These courses are also available via elearning if you prefer to do the training at your own time and convenience.

Here is the list of Computer Skills Trainings that are available:

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