MS Office Bootcamp, SAQA 113836, Level 3, 11 Credits, 2 Days


Computers in the workplace are here to stay and have become a necessity so as to perform daily tasks. The format of this Accredited Training will be classroom based training at the client’s premises.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:

Operate a person computer and communicate via electronic data.

  • Basic computer system
  • Computer hardware
  • Electronic data interchange

Manage work on a personal computer.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Resizing and moving information in a window
  • Menus and dialogue boxes
  • How to use the help function
  • Windows Explorer

Compile professional documents.

  • Create and store a document
  • Manipulating text
  • Borders and shading
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Inserting graphics to a document
  • Formatting and printing
  • Grammar and spelling check

Create professional numerical and financial reports.

  • Workbooks and worksheets
  • Access different workbooks, worksheets and cells
  • Saving and retrieving worksheets correctly
  • Basic formulas for the manipulation of data within a worksheet
  • Editing data within a worksheet correctly
  • Worksheet information is enhanced correctly
  • Basic financial worksheets are developed

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