Word Intermediate, SAQA 7570, Level 3, 5 Credits – 1 Day


MS Word intermediate is ideal for those individuals that want to upgrade their basic Word understanding so as to work with elements such as columns, etc. The format of this Training above will be classroom training at the client’s premises.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:

Change appearance of document. 

  • Borders are added to a document.
  • An appropriate document template is chosen or created and used for a specific task.
  • Existing styles are applied to document.
  • Headers and footers are inserted into document and formatted.
  • Page breaks and section breaks are inserted.
  • Symbols, date and time and page numbers are inserted in the text.
  • Endnotes and footnotes are inserted.

Check document for spelling and grammar. 

  • Spell-check tool is used and appropriate changes are made.
  • Grammar tool is used and changes are made where appropriate.
  • Thesaurus is used.

Create lists and tables in document. 

  • Bulleted or numbered lists are inserted into document.
  • Bullets and numbers are formatted.
  • A standard table is created.
  • Table cell attributes are changed.
  • Rows and columns are inserted and deleted.
  • Borders are added to table.
  • Automatic table formatting tool is used.

Add and manipulate Pictures, Images and Objects in a document. 

  • A picture, image or graphics file is added to document.
  • Autoshapes are added to document and manipulated.
  • A spreadsheet or derived image, chart or graph is added to a document.
  • An image within a document is manipulated.

Use Mail Merge feature. 

  • A mailing list or data file is created.
  • A letter or label list is created by merging mailing or data list with letter, label document or envelope.

Document is saved in a different file format. 

  • Document is saved in a different file format.
  • Document is saved in format appropriate for viewing by a web browser.
  • Understanding Tables
  • Rotate Text in a Cell
  • Using Indents & Tabs in a Cell
  • Use Table Styles, Borders & Shading
  • Convert a Table to Text & Convert Text to a Table
  • Using Formulas in Tables
  • Adding Graphic to a Table
  • Multilevel Lists
  • Columns & Section Breaks
  • Pictures & ClipArt/Online Graphics
  • Wrapping Text around a Picture
  • Watermarks
  • Shape & Lines
  • Text Boxes & Page Borders
  • Styles & Templates
  • Charts

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