HIV & AIDS Awareness Training

HIV & AIDS Awareness Workshop, 1 Day


HIV & AIDS either affects us directly by being infected or indirectly by having a colleague, family or friends that are infected. This HIV & AIDS Awareness Training course addresses how to prevent infection and if you or colleagues are infected, how to manage it and provide support. The format of this Training above will be classroom training at the client’s premises.

The content to be covered during the Training will be as per below:
Explain HIV and Aids.

  • The concepts HIV and AIDS are explained at a basic level of understanding.
  • The way in which the immune system works is explained with reference to the role of antibodies and how HIV attacks the immune system.
  • The concept of a window period is explained and an indication is given of how this affects the accuracy of test results.
  • The impact of opportunistic infections on the compromised immune system is explained with examples.
  • The stages of the disease are outlined with an example of what happens at each stage from infection with HIV to full-blown AIDS and death.
  • The relationship between human behaviour and HIV/AIDS is outlined and ways in which the individual can avoid contracting or spreading HIV/AIDS are indicated in with reference to reducing the risk of infection.

Interpret current trends in the HIV/AIDS pandemic in order to explain the potential impact on an organisation or business sector.

  • Sources of data on HIV/AIDS are identified and appropriate statistics are
    accessed for a specific organisation.
  • Regional data is interpreted and applied to a specific sector or industry.
  • The potential impact of HIV/AIDS on an organisation is inferred from regional and sector data.

Investigate the guidelines and assistance that are available to support workers affected by HIV/AIDS.

  • A company policy on HIV/AIDS or the National Department of Health’s document Guidelines for developing a workplace policy and programme is explained for a specific organisation.
  • Possible problems that a worker with HIV/AIDS could encounter are identified and an indication is given as to what the learner could do to create a caring situation in the workplace.
  • The importance of employers playing a proactive role in addressing the AIDS pandemic are explained and suggestions are made as to how a specific organisation could create a caring environment for workers with HIV/AIDS.
  • The availability of HIV/AIDS prevention and wellness programmes is known and an indication is given of how to access these in a specific organisation or area.
  • The Universal Precautions are known and applied in the work environment.
  • The importance of pre and post-test counselling is known and understood and the implications of HIV testing for an individual are discussed in terms of making a personal decision to know own HIV status.

Explain the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for the community, the economy an organisation and a specific workplace.

  • The effect of a population composed mainly of children and the aged on the
    economy and the State is outlined with examples.
  • The need for medical care for people with HIV/AIDS and the implications for employers and the State are discussed with examples.
  • The effect of HIV/AIDS on the workforce and family income is discussed with examples.
  • The implications of HIV/AIDS for an organisation and a
    specific workplace are discussed with reference to revenue generation, absenteeism, productivity, Human Resource policies and programmes, employment practices, mechanisation, staff turnover and cost of health care.

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